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Plate machine series

MH250-2AR two-sided oil pressure heating plate machine

Name:MH250-2AR two-sided oil pressure heating plate machine
Details :

MH250-2AR two-sided oil pressure heating plate machine:

Longest jigsaw: 2500mm

Widest board: 1300mm

The thickest plate: 100mm

Jigsaw pages: 2 pages

Each page: 3-5 minutes

Upper pressure cylinder: 63 x 100mm 6 x 2 side

Test cylinder: 40 x 150mm 6 x 2 side

Open oil cylinder: 63 * 500 4

Hydraulic station power: 4KW

Weight: 3800 kg

Note: this machine is one of the first choice of wood processing and manufacturing users. The machine USES hydraulic oil cylinder jigsaw, and the pieces of the plate are fine after assembling. The plate is smooth after splicing. Use the time-temperature controlled heating oil heating system of the rationalized design, which can be used for plate unloading in 10 minutes. High safety performance.


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